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Select the buttons below to sponsor a K9/Handler pair or a Service-Member!

First Time Sponsor Information:

1. Please make sure you have added Trina or Amber as a friend on Facebook.

2. Make sure you "Like" our Information Page! It's where you can share our posts to help spread the word about our organization.

3. Sign up to sponsor! You can choose to sign up to sponsor a service member, or a K9/handler team. There are several budget options to choose from, so pick the one that best fits your budget. Please pick carefully. If you have any questions about budgets, just ask an admin. We're happy to help.

4. Join our Facebook Group! It's where we do all our work, and where we'll need to tag you when we have someone for you to sponsor. If you are not on Trina's friend's list, or if we have not received a sponsor form from you, you will not be added to the group. If there is an issue, please contact us.

5. Once you've sent in the sign up form, have been tagged in a post, and have accepted to sponsor, it's time to shop for your items & pack them up to ship! Whether shopping online, or in person, make sure you get everything on your list, to the best of your ability. We understand that some items requested may not be available everywhere.

6. Now, we wait. A good portion of our deployed send in a picture, or at least a "Thank You" for our sponsors, but we can not guarantee it. Please don't get discouraged if you didn’t get a picture! Try again! We must remember, we are doing this for them as a way to get them needed items, and boost their morale while they are serving overseas. They can get busy rather quickly at times, and some just don't have the ability to take pictures at all. If you've been waiting over three (3) weeks and are curious if your service member received their package, you can ask an admin. We are more than willing to try to get in touch with them to follow up.